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Excel top tip: Charts/Graphs

Excel top tip: Charts/Graphs

Charts and graphs are a very powerful way to display and review data you have. Excels built in features can do this very easily for you. You can even use them in other documents once created.

Get your data into Excel.

There are various options to choose from so decide which chart or graph will suit your data best.

Highlight the data you want to display including title cells. Select the insert tab and choose the type of chart you want.

Once created you can either use it as is and drag and drop, or copy and paste to other sheets or documents or you can edit the graph to suit your needs.

For example you can switch the axis or exclude or add rows or columns by right clicking the graph and clicking “select data”.

You can change the look of the graph by changing the chart style too.

You can also change the colours used by right clicking the graph directly.

Selecting the title box allows you to edit this too.

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