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Xara Computers is now XC360…

Xara Computers is now XC360…

The world of information technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. We’ve not been standing still either.

Here at XaraComputers we strive continuously to provide the IT platform that allows our customers to deliver the efficiency, productivity, cost reduction and innovation that gives them a competitive edge in their markets.

We want to let you know about the investments we’ve been making recently in our infrastructure and services and about some of the exciting plans we have in the pipeline, starting with our new name!

XaraComputers is now …. XC360

XC360 embodies our commitment to providing your business with a 360º IT service delivery solution – the hardware, systems, support and security to thrive and prosper, and the oversight necessary to improve continuously and to scale and adapt easily to the needs and challenges of your commercial environment.

Information technology pervades every aspect of business operations and is converging to provide unified solutions that integrate previously separate activities, functions and technologies. We’ve been reviewing our strategy and services, based on customer feedback and market research, and have committed to invest in enhanced and additional complimentary services that reflect the needs of today’s marketplace.

As IT drives on-going improvements in working practices and organisation agility, offering greater potential to improve performance and exploit opportunity, we believe that a 360º IT strategy is essential for sustained success. We will continue to deliver a best-in-class Cloud hosted solution, with increased focus on introducing additional functionality and services that enable more streamlined, integrated and cost-effective business operations.

The improvements and additions we’re introducing will enable more efficient and smarter working as well as simplified management of the IT function for your business.

These are outlined overleaf and are designed to facilitate:

• more efficient working
• better employee mobility and collaboration
• smarter management of services and requests
• increased IT performance and stability
• improved and more consistent service delivery
• cutting edge security
• optimised costs

Over the next few months you’ll start to see our new brand reflected in our email addresses and website and then in your access URLs. We’ll keep you up-to-date with what’s happening and provide further information at each stage before we implement. If you’d like to discuss how these changes can benefit you then give us a call to discuss.

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