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Outlook top tip: Setting an out of office reply

Outlook top tip: Setting an out of office reply

Letting people know when you are unavailable can help to set the expectations of your contacts.

Using an out of office reply is the norm, however did you know you can set this through your webmail account too when you don’t have access to outlook?

1. Outlook

Select home tab > Automatic replies and then fill in the details as you need.

You can choose to turn it on and off on a schedule or you can set it to on and off manually. Be sure to check internal and external messages.

2. Webmail

If you are unaware of your webmail address then you can find it under the home tab. In the above screenshot you will see the web address for accessing your email account on the web under account and social networking settings. Browse to this address and login with your business username and password.

Select automatic replies found under mailàautomatic processing and set your signature here.


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